Trip To The Mountains

Thursday afternoon, we decided to load up the kids and head to the mountains.  It had been waaaaay too long since we had been.

I made everyone stop and get out at the Smoky Mountain National Park sign for a picture.  They were not too happy with me, but they smiled anyway. :)

We went to Cades Cove and stopped at Abrams Falls so the kids could get out and play in the creek.

Right after this they decided to get serious about wading and got their swimsuits on.

My sweetie and me.

I made our new favorite snack to take along.  Campfire trail mix (or s’more mix).  The kids LOVE it.  This giant bag was halfway gone before we got home.

On our way out of Cades Cove we let the kids hang out of the windows and the sunroof.  They all thought this was the most fun thing ever!


We all had a great time and made some really wonderful memories as a family.




  1. Megan Pegram says:

    I love Ava’s swimsuit in these pictures!

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